@ The Strawberry Farm

Strawberry Season has Begun

September 28, 2015

Thursday marked the first day of the 2015 strawberry picking season, and what a day it was!!!

Our team of 3 got slammed in the kitchen, orders came in thick and fast, holy moly! Madness reigned!

It wasn't our finest moment on Thursday, usually the season kicks off with a bang, but not usually to this extent. We expected busy, but Thursday took it to a whole new level! Mistakes were made, it was to be expected...

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were much better days in the kitchen. After the nasty start on Thursday,we found our feet, and pulled off a good weekend. Well done guys!

Sunday was thankfully, a little slower, Chef D had the opportunity to plan a new Table d' Hôte Menu for the Spring season.

This menu comprises some of the good favourites, as well as a couple of brand new ideas which he is looking at putting into place, fun times ahead!

With the festive season just around the corner, bookings for functions and outside catering are beginning to roll in. When these functions take place, we close the restaurant, which is part of why the restaurant is by prior booking only!


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