@ The Strawberry Farm


Based at The Strawberry Farm near Hartbeespoort Dam, just 45 minutes from both Jo'burg and Pretoria, is a hidden gem, where South African portions of good food, presented tastefully, can be found.

Fraise is a multi-faceted culinary business, incorporating Fraise Catering, Forage & Feast family restaurant and Fraise Gourmet Dining - specialising in multi-course gourmet, wine paired meals,  

Currently nestled in the old farm-house, Forage & Feast, our family restaurant, seats up to 50 people, opening up onto our al fresco area.

Serving breakfast and lunch from Wednesday to Sunday 07:30 to 10:30 and 10:30 to 16:00 respectively.

Dinner is currently, from 17:30 

Our philosophy at Fraise, is to produce and serve the best possible product to you, the customer, which is why we subscribe to the Slow Food movement ideals which are:

Good, fresh, seasonal, locally produced ingredients (where-ever possible).

Producing clean food that is not harmful to the environment, animal welfare or our own health.

Fair market conditions and reasonably priced food items.


We pride ourselves on our quality food, with most of our products being farm-made,  that includes ALL of our sorbets and most of our ice-cream (especially the unusual stuff).

Yes, we do make a bunch of our own pasta, as well as our own burger patties, including the vegetarian patties.


We have a small team in the kitchen, which is about to expand, slaving away for your enjoyment.

Our kitchen is headed up by Dayn Kruger, who has been on the farm since late 2009.

Starting off his career abroad, brought his passion and new-found skills with food, back home.

His work experience includes large-scale catering to airline catering, running the kitchen of one of Jo’burgs more up and coming restaurants/clubs to movie set catering, which included cooking for the likes of Tim Robbins (The Shawshank Redemption) and Derrick Luke (Biker Boys), back to running deli-style kitchens with ever changing menus. These different experiences have played an integral part in the shaping of his career.

Just prior to our chef joining us at the farm, he worked as a lecturer training chefs, imparting his knowledge on the youth that would one day, hopefully, be leaders in the culinary field.

Chef D brought with him imagination, drive and passion for great food, sometimes a little over the top, but always tantalises taste buds with his type of “Food Porn”.

So, don’t be scared to try something out of your comfort-zone, ‘cos its sure to be well worth it!

In 2012 we started our own kitchen garden, to supply ourselves with good, farm-grown, organic produce and keeping our veggies seasonal.

Today our garden has grown to such an extent that we open to the public to pick their own organic veggies to take home with them.

We do not like to waste, so, and excess produce gets processed and we end up with products like curried beans, strawberry jam, apricot jam, etc.